Power Of Attorney

Vincent Lyon P.A.

As an attorney specializing in Florida estate law, I assist clients in establishing Power of Attorney (POA) documents that comply with Florida’s legal standards. This involves creating a legal document that grants an individual the authority to act on another person’s behalf in legal and financial matters. The process includes understanding the client’s specific needs, advising on the types of POA available (such as Durable, Springing, Financial, or Medical), and ensuring that the document meets all legal requirements set forth by Florida law to be valid and effective.

Key Expertise:
  • Understanding of Florida Statutes
    • Proficiency in the Florida statutes governing Powers of Attorney to ensure legal compliance and enforceability.
  • Estate Planning Integrations
    • Ability to integrate the POA into the broader estate plan, considering wills, trusts, and healthcare directives.
  • Financial Acumen
    • Knowledge of financial matters to effectively manage, protect, and advise on asset management under a POA.
  • Healthcare Decision Making
    • Expertise in healthcare-related legal documents, including living wills and healthcare surrogate designations, to ensure clients’ healthcare wishes are respected and executed.

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